First-Come First-Serve

Thigs Cocktail Bar

Welcome to our cocktail haven, where fairness meets flavor. As a 100% first-come, first-served bar, every patron is treated equally. No reservations, no VIP queues—just a fun/welcoming atmosphere.

Picture yourself strolling in, eager for artisanal concoctions. Our skilled mixologists craft your libations promptly, ensuring everyone gets their taste of liquid artistry. It’s a communal experience, where camaraderie flows as smoothly as our meticulously crafted drinks.

So, join us, and savor the spontaneity of an evening where every arrival is a VIP, and every cocktail is a masterpiece. Cheers to a truly inclusive and unforgettable imbibing adventure!

Book a table

Our seating is limited!

Be a step ahead and book your table before hand. Tables sit up to six people and we offer first come first serve bar seating.

*Parties of seven or more with a maximum of twelve can be reserved. Please email for more information.

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“Reservation NOT Required But Recommended”