Thigs Cocktail Bar

Thigs: The Origin of Lake Norman's Enchanting European-Style Cocktail Bar

The inception of Thigs (th•igs) can be traced back to a captivating experience in Amsterdam. In 2016, Kas Matos, co-owner of Thigs, embarked on his first journey to the enchanting city. During his stay, he chose the reputable Dikker & Thijs Hotel, which housed a quaint cocktail bar named Thijs (t•ice) just below it.

After a long day of travel, Kas was eager to unwind with a refreshing cocktail. The hotel’s front desk kindly directed him to Thijs, and as he descended the stairs into the elegant European bar, he was instantly captivated. It was at that very moment that he envisioned bringing a similar establishment to Lake Norman.

Years later, fate presented an opportunity when a suitable building became available. As renovations were underway, a chance encounter with a Dutch gentleman would forever change the course of Kas’ dream. The inquisitive man inquired about the plans for the mysterious, window-covered building, and upon learning about Kas’ vision for a small cocktail bar named after the one in Amsterdam, he revealed a surprising fact.

Kas had been mistakenly pronouncing the name as Thigs (th•igs) instead of the correct pronunciation, Thijs (t•ice). The gentleman further explained that “Thijs” translates to “Son of God – Hercules” in Dutch. Despite the initial shock, Kas opted to embrace his unique pronunciation and adapted the spelling to include a “g.” Thus, Thigs was born, a testament to Kas’ unwavering passion and determination to bring his dream to life.